June 30, 2013

News @ Hyderabad SHG meetup on 30th June 2013

Members who attended the meeting are(w.r.t pic)
(Standing members )1)Mahipal  2).Raja Poladi ji  3)Neeraj  4)Dev Singh  5)Vallinayagam  6)Jailan
(Sitting members )7)Rajesh  8)Ramu  9)Vijay  10)Asif  and 11)Lallayya.

Raja ji has given us a surprise visit and made us happy and impressed with his personality and speech.

Our dream of making SHGs as generic platform which could serve anyone better irrespective of PWS or non-PWS has started. Today we had two new members named Mr.Asif and Mr.Jailani who are non-PWS and wanted to be a part of group to improve their communication skills.

Main agenda for the meetup is prepared speeches, we had it after our introduction round. Most of the members have given their CC1 (Ice breaker's speech) and few of them have given on some inspiring topics. We have recorded the speeches as well.
Everyone were inspiring in their speeches and good on their speech patterns.
We also had good and important reviews on speeches from Raja ji.
He has made good insights and conveyed the points to be improved in our speeches.
He has also given a speech on how to improve the way we present in presentations. It was very inspiring.
I shall thank him for his visit and making us inspire by his speech.

We also discussed what steps we can take to improve SHGs even more better and left for the day wishing each other.

Rajesh V
96  76 82 0007


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

good practice.

sachin said...

Yes, Raja is a very special person.. Invite him again and again..

Manimaran said...

After Bangalore, Hyderabad SHG are doing well. The number of members also increasing day by day. Good news to hear Raja Poladi also attended. Keep it up.

Rajesh V said...

@Amit ji - Thank you

@Sachin ji - Yeah he is a very spl person.He inspires in every meeting and cares us a lot.

@Manimaran ji - Thank you so much, its because of TISA members' selfless help towards fellow PWS. Thanks to our TISA and members.