May 21, 2013

Can a PWS present themselves in a way they think???. I bet YES!!

May you call it as a normal conversion with anybody or presenting a formal situation to your colleague, friend  or even to a stranger, PWS often come to a situation where they knew the context of subject and also they know how to present the circumstances at a given time. but sometimes attempting to start a discussion, they fell into a trap of anxiety.

That makes a PWS succumb to situation like restless wind. This might be due to learned stress during his course of life. I often arrived to such kind of relentless situation and grim. Looks like we know the answer, if we dig out a little bit more.

In Today's world, People often say "Practice is everything" instead of "Practice makes perfect".
If a PWS creates a counterfeit situation and do a round of testing, then anxiety can be controlled to some extent. This is the way sometimes people do to testify themselves.

Most PWS's are aware of techniques, tools but placing them in a practical situation can help them in most of the scenarios.

Prakash K
HAKLAO, Magar Pyaar Se