April 24, 2013

News @ Hyderabad SHG Meetup - 21 April

Slow speaking was our main agenda for the meetup.
Below are members who attended the meetup. (w.r.t pic)
1)Kiran 2)Mahesh(new) 3)Mahipal 4)Rahul 5)Rajesh

We will be missing Rahul for next 9 months as he is relocating to Vijayawada.
He along with other members in Vijayawada will start a new SHG in Vijayawada very soon.

The activities which we had in meetup.
2)Importance of Visualization.
3)Slow speaking.
4)Introduction round.
5)Joke telling round.
6)Voluntary Stuttering
8)Kabal Bhati
9)General discussions
10)Anxiety control round.

Protect your Dreams and work towards them as Dreams are yours. Break the patterns which are meant to destroy your Dreams to come true.

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed.
Rajesh V
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sachin said...

Our best wishes to Rahul for starting a new SHG at Vijaywada.. Let him share his experiences on the blog..
Thanks Rajesh for inspiring everyone through action..

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji - Thank you for your support, I was thinking to call you today about this new SHG formation.