April 8, 2013

Delhi SHG Report of 7th April at Cental Park Rajiv Chowk

Dont be rush... Be calm and Be Relax..... dheere dheere boliye aur meetha boliye [Bramha kumaris]

First of All, Hello my Divine Friends, Again as-usual we all met at our beautiful divine place "Central Park", Rajiv Chowk and we were 7 members there( Sikander Bhai, Sumit, Ravi, Anita, Sandeep sir, Abhishek, and me or also Ravi's Friend).

First thing which i observed it was.. when i was talking with sumit.. in metro..i recieved the phone call of Sumit.. and sudden i said wow!!! just because of work of sumit, he explained everything in boucing technique without any obstacle.That shows the internal power which we all have.

I know i m very talky...so lets come on the topic :)

First of all, we got a beautiful book By sikander sir its " divyagudo ka khajana" (treasure of divine virtues)

Our Task in this SHG :-

1. We started the introduction round with ground rules but in the introduction by the help of sikander sir.. we concentrated our mind on sound not on observing mouth movement. So by this we earned such a nice confidence.

2. We did a Reading round. but this is not like common reading, it was like every one read one sentences each on his turn with this Sikender sir also explained the meaning and the knowledge about contents in that book.

3. This was the superb Round in which we did a lot of practice to sound and to pronounce vowels also consonants.But in between of this Practice we got lot of knowledge by Sikender sir. even we cleared our lot of confussion like Anita asked some questions and it is necessary for every member in the meeting that to be frank, ask what u have doubt or confussion  may be you can get a solution like i personally got the solution of my doubt. And the good thing is in our SHG is  lot of member of our SHG have joined Bramha Kumaris so its like the positive energy and internal power flows every where even we all can see this or feel this.

4. I think i m making u people Bored ;) ok apart from that ...our Next round was Giving Speech on random  topic.. which was also very daring and very power boosting.All did a nice job in this round.

5. So overall  it was very effective meeting as always... even i m sure every coming SHG meeting will be more powerful. so keep in touch.. and do stammer with love...

Important thing in Meeting :: Sikander bhai gave us a little knowledge about
1. What is Abhimaan(EGO) :-> "abhi meri baat maan".
2. What is Pareshan :-> "shaan se paray"
3. Aaj jaakar mujhe pata chala ki haklao magar pyar se kya matlab hai. it is the line which cleans your thought, boost your energy and make you positive

So mere Divine Brothers... Bye fir milenge next SHG Report ke sath :) :) 


Rajesh V said...

Nice meetup guys...Good going.
Regards !

sachin said...

Sikander pa ji- tussi kamal kar ditta..!
Congratulations Delhi group!!

vishal gupta said...

Even we are very lucky to have Sikander sir...