April 11, 2013

Delhi SHG Meeting at Central Park, Rajiv Chowk on 14th April

Delhi Self Help Group

Venue : Central Park, Rajiv Chowk, New Delhi

Time : 11:00 am  to 2:00 pm 

"You are never be above of who you think you are"

For more Information call us @:  Abhishek(9873492722), Jitender Gupta(7503189365) Vishal Gupta(8447882161)

Note : If you are new then please call me first !!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
here are the details of some PWS from Delhi : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkI4Z75FCsSAdE1zc3FBUjV2aFZOWGtnTFhvLUNXMmc

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