February 25, 2013

Self Starter

Most of my childhood was spent in Cantonment areas in sixties. And on a wintery morning, I have seen hefty Jawans trying to start a three ton truck with a starter rod: it was stuck under the bonnet at the front and then turned around vigorously by two Jawans in unison, sometime for many many minutes - and then slowly the engine would give out a low rumble. Jawans would congratulate each other, stow the rod under the seat and get going.. Many of you may not have seen that spectacle, since self starting engines came soon and became the norm in the automobile industry.
Many of us live a life like that. It is only a crisis that shakes us up and we give a feeble response, if at all. Otherwise life goes on in a passive sliding mode. Many people believe that stammering affects our attitude (-initiative, to be specific) MUCH more than it does our communication. Over the years we lose our sense of initiative, faith in ourselves..and keep waiting for "right" moment and "right" friends.
But it is possible to self-start yourself anytime you want. Beginning with small goals, by reviewing these goals frequently, fine-tuning them and by changing our psycho-social environment. This morning I came across a very good write up on web elaborating these ideas. It will take just 10 minutes. Please read it before you start your day..


jasbir singh said...

Rightly said Dr. Sachin, it is only I who can bring a change in myself.No other power can do it.Others can only show path.Sooner I understand this reality, earlier the recovery.I wasted my so much time waiting for a miracle to cure my stammering, until I came in contact with TISA.

Your all blogs are full of inspirations.

sachin said...

Thank you, Sir!

GORAV DATTA - I am Learning said...

oh what a great post . Thank you so much for sharing such a motivational post