February 24, 2013

Pune SHG report 24 FEB 2013

Hi folks

Some news from Pune SHG.It has not gone into solitary it was just out for refueling.
The attendees were
                Vivek Sharma(new member )

I reached the venue around 10.30 am.Vivek was already there.No one else was there.
Then I and vivek started informal questioning like from where you are? How you manage your stammering? and pretty more good questions.

Rest of the members also made their appearance.
Then we started with our meeting

Activity 1:Meditation
                We always start with meditation. We just concentrate on our breath while meditating.

Activity 2: Slow reading
                In this activity we started reading from a book. Everyone was adviced to read how much slow they can read.

Activity 3:Formal Introduction
                Every one introduced themselves including their profession and where they live,their native place

Activity 4: Story Telling
                In this round we tried to make story.

Activity 5: Extempore

In this activity we decided that each member will speak about their keen area of interest or some other member can provide topics.

I spoke on a novel titled “JUST ONE WORD LOVE”. It is a very creative work of Delhi based author .You can download the book from http://www.getfreeebooks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Just-One-Word-LOVE.pdf  .Anup spoke about his role in new company  which he has joined in January.Vishwas also talked about his experience from his previous job.Ravi talked about the movie Special 26.Vivek shared a story with some moral out of it.Sanjeet also spoke about his role in company.
After completion of every member speech we also asked them questions related to what topic they spoke.
The meeting was over around 1 pm.

While dispersing also we talked about many informal things.


sachin said...

Thanks Amol- for organising and sharing..

J P Sunda said...

Very well done Everyone. Do try to challenge yourselves in every meeting and yes, do have fun.

jasbir singh said...

Good activities. Please also include breathing exercises after meditation. This is very beneficial.