October 16, 2012

TISA Coimbatore

TISA is happy to announce the start of a SHG process in Coimbatore Please contact Mr Raghunath Venkatramakrishanan ( 09944229718 ) , Mr.Vishal shah (09894479941) and Mr.Vignesh ( 09003721354 )

Here is a small report they posted on TISA FB group:

Update from TISA Coimbatore chapter- Raghunath Venkatramakrishanan, Vishal Shah and Vignesh Raman met and discussed our views regarding stammering and its impact on our lives......... we have decided to give interviews to leading english and tamil dailies on or before october 22nd to create awareness about stuttering.....thats it from CBE chapter..will keep u updated


Rajesh V said...

:) :) :) WOW :) :) :) So nice to see a new SHG in another city.
All The Best to all three members.
Together We Step Up, Together We Succeed !

Vinod Kumar said...

wow...!! Nice to hear this..!! Keep going..!!Wish you all the best..!!

sachin said...

Check this:

Manimaran said...

Great! All the best to Coimbatore SHG.You can contact me from 9pm to 10 pm any day for any clarifications.My mobile nos are 9600002303 & 9884289989.


Tarun Kumar Jana said...

My name is Tarun Kumar Jana living in Durgapur, West Bengal. Yes I am 32years old stammer. How can I connect with you people.