August 26, 2012

First impression is NOT last impression,,

A very nice post from Hemant:
One day my younger brother returned from college and told - govt. has recruited such a person as a lecturer, who can not able to speak his own subject name properly. today one lecturer came in class and introduced himself - I will teach you Po.Po.Po.Po.Political science. All students were laughing on him.
I started to think- it will be very hard for stammerer lecturer to teach students as all belong to rural area , not serious about study and lecturer has no practical or sessional marks in his hand in art subject so no fear of lecturer.

After one month, again I asked to my brother - how is your political science lecturer surviving ??
He replied - "that lecturer is getting more respect by students than any other lecturer. Students of other sections also never miss his lecturer".
I surprised & asked - how this happened ?
he replied - "although he stammers but he has very deep knowledge of his subject". In starting, other section students also sit in his class And raised complicate questions before him to make fun of his stuttering. But he never loose heart And answered & convinced all. Now all overwhelmed by his knowledge & respect him.


Satyendra said...

Yes, it is important to be OBJECTIVE about our strengths and weaknesses.. Many of us (pws) take a very emotional view and set themselves for even more difficulties in life..

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Nice posting...Knowledge is Divine and Self Confidence is Divine too !


Hemant kumar said...

Sachin sir, thanks for sharing my post on blog.
after some months,my brother asked to his Po.political science lecturer - "sir, you have stammering problem, even though you have covered syllabus more faster than any other subject. You did not loose heart even all class laughing on you on very first day, how you are managing all this". lecturer did not feel embarrassed. He shared his hostal life experiences where his room partners & other hostal-mates intensely used to torture him by making his mimicry of stammering in front of him either he was talking with them or not. Some months he also embarrassed, got depression. But after that he decided to be THICK SKINNED persons. And started stammer openly.

Er. Umesh said...

Very Nice post sharing, Hemant. THis post is really inspiring for me too. I can do it!!

Satyendra said...

@Hemant- Wow- what a practical lesson for all of us! Please Thank your brother on behalf of TISA..
These are the questions which we should be asking from other PWS..