June 26, 2012

Sant samagam : Herbertpur Update

Mitesh from Gujrat was here for about ten days. Gorav from Yamunanagar too joined him. Ashsish came this Sunday from Himachal. Sachin had to go to Uttarkashi for some urgent work. But the SHG members- Pawan, Surendra, Vineet, Mukarram, Parmanand took care of the guests- arranged practice sessions for them, shared various techniques with them, took them around for sight seeing etc. etc. Sachin was thrilled to see such maturity and spirit of sharing in the SHG. People in Anugrah, as usual helped.On 24th, the whole group gathered and did some role plays, some voluntary stuttering and other fun stuff. Pawan especially has come up as a very good coach- helping people to practice various techniques, under different realistic and challenging situations- .by doing it HIMSELF first. No wonder that his stammering has vanished. Here is a clip from our role play last Sunday..

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J P Sunda said...

This is the most important aspect of self help. It makes everyone independent :-)