May 21, 2012

Bangalore SHG meet up May 19, 2012

A promise made is a debt unpaid

Hello guys,

Here are details of Bangalore SHG meet up – May 19 2012. Today 4 new members joined TISA family.

Theme of meet up – ' Introduction + Importance of promises + Prepared speeches'

Attendees - Dinesh, Karthik, Jitu, Chandan, Murli, Chandra Shekhar, Pavan, Upasana, Sai Ram, Rohit and myself Abhinav.

We started with introduction as we were having new members with us and they would not be comfortable with out knowing us. Every member had to introduce himself and share benefits from attending SHG meet ups.

Before details of meet up I would like to share that we all have noticed tremendous improvements in Jitu. He is  enjoying his life like any thing after attending SHG meet ups. Kudos to Jitu. He is also getting up early these days so that he can go to gym :)

Here is summary of introduction and benefits gained by members -

(a) gain in confidence.
(b) acceptance of stammering
(c) overcoming fear and stage phobia.
(d) change in view point for living happy and successful life.

After that Pavan talked about his prepared speech 'Dreams'. We covered topics like why dreams comes, dreams types and importance of dreams. Pavan was very good today. He hardly used any filler words this time. Kudos to Pavan also.

Now Dboy( Dinesh) took the control of stage. He gets very less time to speak as we hardly leave any time for him to speak. He is almost recovered now so we do not give him much time to speak :). He talked about 'Importance of promises'. Here is the summary of Dinesh's talks.

(a) We should never break promises as it hurts others as well as ourselves.

It is a bad thing to break a promise, but it is a worse thing to let a promise break you.

(b) If we break promises we will not be respected by others.

(c) Learn to say 'No'. Do not make false promises if you are not able to fulfill it or in dilemma.

Dinesh conveyed message to all PWS. Every week we promise to ourselves that we will do speech exercises, will follow bouncing style etc etc but we hardly do. We break promises which we do to ourselves and because of this we suffer a lot. We should not break promises at any cost. If you are planning to break promise its better not to promise at all.

After that Upasana summarized the last SHG meet up so that all newcomers will come to know better about us. Next week Chandan is having project presentation in college so he presented his project slides before us so that he could present  slides in college with confidence.

This was end of another great meet up. Great to see you guys. Kudos to all the participants for making this meet up a success. See you next time and ping me at abhinav.singh8 at if you want to interact with me. Comments are always welcome :) :) .


Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

Exellent report.

Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

Please explain "filler words".

Rajesh V said...

Nice SHG meeting activities bro.

Dinesh said...

Abhinav, first of all a great report from you.

filler words are those which we use to hide our stammering or come out of a block.

For example - Most of us will use "Actually" before saying anything or "like"

If it not clear then I would request Abhinav to write a detailed mail to you..

J P Sunda said...

It looks like you guys are using your time at the meeting very effectively and efficiently! Well done.