May 21, 2012

Good Reference Links For Life Change

Subject: This post targets the references of material which i got from internet and applied some of its methodologies in our Hyderabad SHG meeting in last Sunday and found a great satisfaction in myself and fellow members at meeting so i wanted all our members to go through the following links and know the good things and apply them daily.

I already updated them in the original post at this link but still wanted to keep them here in a separate post as people who already read that posting may never go through the posting again and they may miss these important reference links. 

1. The Secret (movie and a book)---------------
2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind-------------Link to Google Books
3. Automatic Thoughts concept----------------  Link

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed :)
With Regards.
Rajesh V.
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J P Sunda said...

So, this is your secret Rajesh ;-)

Rajesh V said...

@JP--Ya this is one of the secret bro:) But really that movie is very good. You have given me that movie in a DVD which you gave to Nandini in pune :) I shall always thank you for such a great DVD.

With Regards.