April 15, 2012

mumbai meeting fun on sunday

Hey ,
           Myself ritesh . Today we finaly conducted our shg meetings in wadala five garden .
           our senior members was not present today so i had taken charge of today meeting.
           Members : 1)  shyam sundaram
                             2)  ravindra
                            3)   wasim
                            4)  myself .
          we all 4 members were present today for our meeting
         Activities performed: 1) Introduction
                                          2) sharing our stammering experiences
                                          3) Discussion of techniques
                                          4) Discussion on voluntary shuttering
                                          5) Fun activities .
        IT was realy an awesome day ,at first only i and ravindra were present on the venue we started our own meetings with discussion on various points and aspect of stammering . Then shyam sundaram and wasim came up finaly to join us , thanks to them this was there first shg meeting for shyam and wasim. . shyam is an very confident and energitic person , he directly came from his official meeting to attend our shg meeting in wadala .Wasim was very shy at first but he opened and started sharing his experiences . It was realy fun to attend this meeting . shyam discussed some future plans for our next shg meeting. Ravindra has improved a lot in his speech due to his participation in meetings .we finaly ended with singing songs ,each member participated in that singing round .
                               FINALY WE CAME FOR THE MEEETING AND CONQUERED(some happiness)
                                                                                                                                           your ,


Dinesh said...

Good step Ritesh.
Co-ordinating the SHG will help you a lot..

Rajesh V said...

Ritesh...Good bro :) Keep going :)
With Regards.

sachin said...

Good job, Ritesh. Yes, never wait for "Seniors" (including myself). They may be busy with mirror practice! Just go ahead and do your thing, with full faith that whatever you do- will benefit you and others.
Just keep others informed by writing a post, like this one- so that others, including "seniors" can contribute whenever they are ready..
No seniors, just workers- in TISA!

J P Sunda said...

Ritesh, you are turning out to be a very good coordinator. Keep the fun element alive in every meeting!

Kharvi Prakash said...

well done ritesh... u r helping yourself and others as well... will give you a treat once i m back to india... :)