April 15, 2012

Hyderabad SHG Meeting News (on 15th April, 2012)

Below is the information on today's SHG meeting.
Location: Jalagam Vengala Rao Park, Road no-1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.
Date and Timings: Sunday, 15th April 2012 from 9AM to 1:15PM

Its an Awesome Day. The Park is very beautiful in the morning , We have a big pond (circular in shape)in the middle of the park, Ducks are swimming. Birds are flying, Sun is smiling.
We had many shelters in the park, we sat in one which is near by the pond.

Five people have attended meeting today. 
They are 1) Naman Anand 2) Neeraj Prabhkar 3) Vijay Bhaskar 4) Shasi Kiran 5) Rajesh(myself)
We started our meeting with our National Anthem (a video hosted by physically challenged people).

The activities performed are 
1) Formal Introduction
2) Causes of Stammering Discussion
3) Techniques which we followed till now
4) Slow talking practice
5) Group Discussion
6) Voluntary Stammering Introduction

Groups are divided into 2members each, where every partner must tell his partner's details as part of introduction.Teams walked around the pond one in clockwise and other in anticlockwise for knowing themselves.(Walk and Talk :)) Upon finishing a lap around the pond we arrived at shelter again where each have spoken about their partner's details one by one.

Later everyone have said their understanding of stammering and how it is caused.
This is every time divide talk, so everyone has their own opinion based on experiences. I said that stammering is first caused (when we are children) because of improper breathing process.
Fear is not an attribute of stammering at that time, as a child we can even talk and play with Lion  or Tiger. As we don't know what is fear at that time.
But slowly when we grow up and when we stuttered in our social life in front of our friends or relatives, they made fun of us or got a bad feedback and made us conscious and worry about the stuttering which lead to bad experiences and fear. This slowly turned and triggered into anticipatory fears when we grow up. 
Brain has to work on Motor Programming every time for its functioning(for talking or walking or doing any work).When we are anticipating fear then brain has to work on motor programming as well as anticipatory fear, this makes our usual brain activity to get disturbed and makes us stammer more.
I might not be that much correct but I somehow got satisfied with this theory.
So even now still as an adult if we are stammering means it is because of improper breathing (at that time of speaking)and anticipatory fear which controls the brain activity and speech muscles. Low in confidence is also an attribute which makes stammering worse.
If we control them in our speech then we are master piece of our own speech :) Acceptance of stammering in one's is the highest and most important factor to overcome stammering with ease.

Later we had a discussion on different techniques like Bouncing, Slow talking, Breathing, Light articulators /light contact, Prolongation and Air Flow Technique. As techniques are never useful unless we have confidence and hope on us so we had a talk on how confident we have to be for dissolving our stammering and accepting of the stammering. We talked about many people who are striking balance with their life even though they stammer, it has set an inspiring path for those (people in group)who even couldn't speak initially and later spoke with great ease.

In middle we had snacks for a break:) by enjoying the natures beauty :) 

Later Vijay has turned out to be master in slow talking and he had made everyone to talk slowly by correcting as and when people are going in a fast manner. Slow talking importance is realized by group in no time and all started talking slowly.

Later we discussed "Voluntary stammering" and its importance.
While coming out of the park I did voluntary stammering with security guard of park, two different auto drivers and finally with a policeman , seeing this Anand also started voluntary stammering with an auto driver.  Later i got a message from Neeraj that he did voluntary stammering with an auto driver on his way to home. It was No surprise for me when i asked about their experiences with voluntary stammering they said its very thrilling  to do so and its helping them in overcoming shyness and accepting stammering before strangers.

Everyone has left happily with more confidence and hope.
I would like to thank all people who made their presence in meeting and turning it into a productive and memorable event.
Waiting eagerly for next weekend's meeting.

For people who wants to participate daily in SHG meetings online(Free to all) via skype calls with us can add me with id "rajesh.jaca2",Everyday we are a group of 10-15 people who come online for practicing with speech and share valuable information which helps us in building confidence in our speech.

To start a self help group meeting(SHG) or participate in a SHG meetings in your city please follow the below link

All The Best.

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007 (available at anytime)
email-ids: rajesh.jaca@gmail.com and wanted2talk2u@yahoo.co.in
skype-id: rajesh.jaca2


Dinesh said...

Rajesh you are leading by example.
Super Rajesh gaaru!! :-)
While I was in Chennai for 2 days of workshop, Mani Sir told us one thing which I still remember - Attend SHG meetings for 6 months, no need to do anything else. This is the best technique, this is the best therapy and this will make you happy!! :-)

Rajesh V said...

@Dinesh--Thanks Bro.
Yeah I am experiencing that now :) SHGs are best for a stammerer to strip his Stammering dress and wear a Happy speech Dress :)

With Regards

Neeraj said...

I must thank Rajesh and Vijay sir for leading the SHG meet on Sunday. It was an awesome experience. Later Vijay sir called me twice to help me overcome the fear of talking on phone. He was very patient and listened me on the phone. He said to call him whenever I feel and talk to him. The slow talking really helped. And I was thrilled to do the voluntary stammering with the auto driver, and its fun to stammer in our HYDERABADI HINDI.. I would not be able to attend the next weekend SHG as I will be in Mumbai for a childhood friend's wedding. But will call you guys during the SHG meet so that I can be a part of the meet over the phone for sometime.. :). I wish I could join the SHG skype calls meet everyday, but as I work in odd shif, its not possible for me to join. Will try to join the weekend calls. Today morning, I got up and did meditation, practiced prolongation technique and I am feeling good..!! And, Rajesh, I liked your words in one of your post, I stutter-- SO WHAT?

Hope to meet you again on the next following weekend.


newscover said...

Hi friends,
It was really happy and wonderful to attend SHG meeting on Sunday. Has I was able to learn some of the new methods of overcoming stammering. Rajesh is really helping each one of us later joined by Vijay who share slow talking. Looking to attend many more SHG meeting and wanted raja sir to attend.

With Regards

J P Sunda said...

Great to see that Rajesh has really taken the lead and coordinating the meets. Well done guys!

Rajesh V said...

@JP-- Thanks Bro, Its you all who inspired me in every step.

@Neeraj, @Shashi ,@Vijay and @Anand-- Thanks for your great cooperation in the meeting, Hope we all build more confidence and hope day by day.
All The Best.

With Regards.

Abhinav said...

Rajesh gaaru awesome man :) :)
Now its time for Hyderabad also to rock :)