April 19, 2012

Join virtual SHG Meeting on Skype!! - Skype hai to Life Hai :-)

Dear All,
Sometimes we know that it is difficult to a find a SHG (Self help Group) near your place or may be due to other constraints you would not be able to attend the same - Then Skype SHG meet is surely for you!!
Today we had 6 people on Skype Voice chat - 19/04/2012
Activities performed:
1) Formal introduction
2) Passage reading (Slow manner)
3) Impromptu Speech on "What if you become the Prime Minister of India"
Some responses were very hilarious and some very enlightning!!

Below are the people who attended the call:



Note: People who wanted to join us in skype everyday between 9:00 PM IST to 11:00 PM IST you can add anyone form below ids in skype





To start a self help group meeting(SHG) or participate in a SHG meetings in your city please follow the below link



J P Sunda said...

Well done for the consistency in organizing these skype calls

Mohit kumar said...

Keep it up dinesh, you are doing great work.