April 19, 2012

Determination of Sachin

I uploaded this video just to show the one’s passion about his work. Sachin waits for 21years long to just hold world cup trophy on his hand. I salute his presence of mind, his calmness, aim towards his goal. He never worries about his failure, just doing his job bravely.
I remember when he completed his 100’s century, the reporter asked him what you want to suggest our youth?
He replied "enjoy the game and chase your dream, I think dreams do come true, I had to wait for 22yrs we won the WC after 22yrs international cricket, so dreams do come true, don’t stop chasing your dream".
This sentence really inspired me.


Rajesh V said...

Nice Video and Nice Message. I am Recharged.
Thanks for the post bro :)

With Regards.

J P Sunda said...

Yes Amit, Miracles do happen!