March 7, 2012

Calling Mumbai PWS .. on Sat 10th Mar' 12

Below are the list of Mumbai PWS who are willing to join the Mumbai gathering as of now.
  1. Rommy 
  2. Gaurav Dubey
  3. Ravindra Sonsurkar
  4. sameer sawdekar 
  5. Ritesh Yadav
  6. Prakash Kharvi

Venue:  Wadala Five gardens, Wadala
Date:    Saturday 10th March 2012
Time:   3.00 PM
Address: Dadar Parsi Colony, Off Eastern Express Highway. Wadala

To reach wadala five gardens: Nearest station is Wadala railway Station (harbour line). It is 5 minutes walking distance from the station. It is approx. five minutes walking distance from the Eastern Express Highway and Kings circle as well.

It occurred to me that Rommy has clearly learned techniques from Sachin Srivastava (one of the core TISA member) to prevent stuttering issues. I had called him to share, discuss and apply the techniques and spread the awareness among Mumbai PWS.

Any one who is interested in joining the gathering can call me (9167364004) or rommy (9769383897)

Thanks in advance for your good wishes. :)

Prakash Kharvi
HAKLO, Magar Pyaar Se!!


dabbang said...

prakash sir i will be there but what is a timing to meet there

Kharvi Prakash said...

We would all meet at 3.00 PM. Thanks for pointing this. i have updated the post.

sachin said...

Great! Taking initiatives like these will strengthen your will power and change your self-concept.. Once, in a while you can invite Pune ipws also..

Kharvi Prakash said...

Sure Sachin... will do that.

J P Sunda said...

Superb! Finally you guys are meeting in mumbai. I am so happy. DO post the meeting report