March 7, 2012

Bangalore SHG's new Dawn Continues..

After a successful and spirited last week SHG meet, we a total of 10 people joined again with few new faces & few missing faces. The meet started again with introduction and various questions which were shot at the introducer.

As the meeting started, atmosphere was more jovial compared to the last meeting. Last meeting was bit serious. This one was filled with laughter. Everyone was in a relaxed mood and let their lighter side take over.

The engineering guy who lost the hope of making in the interview (Read Last SHG Meet here) was ecstatic that he was placed. He went with the attitude of not getting selected and when asked about the stammering; he told "I have this problem and if you have to hire me.. you have to accept me like this :P". Well, the attitude worked for him. This was followed by my intro. Dinesh put sound absorber in my ears and asked me to speak. It seems I spoke with less stammering.. I dono that.

Dinesh's Experience: 
Then, It was time for Dinesh to share his experience. Well, here is little bit about him. He is born and brought up in Bangalore after his parents migrated to Bangalore from Haryana. As far he remember He had chicken fox and after that in the 8th class he had troubled reading the chapter and it continued then. He used to bunk first 2 weeks of college to skip the introduction, also during office he used to skip client visits.. He heard in an interview that Sidhu also used to be timid and never used to talk. Sidhu read Vivekananda books and somehow he became an awesome speaker. It encouraged Dinesh.. He also did the same, read the books but nothing drastically happened; until he decided to change himself and focus only on positive things. Instead of running away from the prob. he decided to face it head-on and that he defined as his turning point. He started reading a lot of book; from a non-reader he became an avid reader. He improved himself technically, organized himself, maintained his integrity and kept his commitment. In his words this are the fundamental principle of life and above all "Appreciate your life".

After intro. Dinesh stressed on the importance on being on time and we should be very serious towards the cause we are meeting for. Dinesh also explained about the vicious cycle of the stammering.

It takes only a stress to move from down level to up-level and a jovial & happy moment to move the way down while working & accepting the stammering.
Then, group reading was performed. This was one of the experiments that we tried. Dinesh randomly called upon 5 members on the dais and asked them to read together in sync. As expected, everyone was very fluent without a single mistake. He reduced the group to 3 and repeated same. Same results. Then further only one person stand and read. The problem started !! :-) So, the question arrived "Why is it that we do not stammer in group reading". Majority answered that "Someone else will make-up if they failed" but Dinesh responded "But no one failed??" !! :-) Here we discussed that as there was no FEAR OF FAILURE. Hence we did not fail.

Further individual reading was carried out one-by-one.
After this, Dinesh shared the holistic approach which he followed to improve myself. Briefly put, we stagnate everything else in our life thinking only about stammering. We should as an individual try to improve in every other aspect of our life, work, studies, sports, relationships etc..

After this we had a rocking performance by Karthik.

Few others also dabbled with their singing skills. We wound up for the day with smiles on everyone’s face..

Members: Dinesh, Manoj, Alok, Jitu, Karthik, Chandhan, Sairam, Chandrashekar, Tanoy, Anub

Writeup By:
Dinesh and Tanoy


sachin said...

Great! Gradually make it hot.. I mean, raise the challenge level: Let them share a joke, an embarrassing moment etc. Do a role play etc.

J P Sunda said...

I too may drop in to one of your meets in June :-)

Rockford said...

@JP: You are most welcome :)