January 20, 2012

From Newzealand!

Took the New Year holidays as an opportunity to catch up with Sachin Srivastava at Herbetpur.

Was greeted by a simple, vibrant looking Sachin at Dehradun in the afternoon. Herbetpur is quite a journey from Dehradun. The journey gave time to share my experiences with stammering moderate to severely, speech therapy, spiritual pursuits, meeting other stammerers. Sachin's opinions and suggestions showed his wisdom and experience in dealing with stammering himself. It was interesting to understand the influence of spiritual practise on Sachin's recovery from stammering via acceptance, self-help techniques and awareness in the society.

We went for a walk in the neighbourhood tea gardens in the evening. I admired his initiative and efforts to organise a self-help community of stammerers across the country via TISA. His desire to make life easier for stammerers via social awareness, self-help workshops, community building was admirable. People have been organising themselves to further their religious, ethnic, economic, environmental beliefs. However, there seems not much for the people who stammer in India.

Next day we visited the ashram of a swami in Domet village, on the banks of the Yamuna. Swamiji does not speak so, you need a lot of patience to hear his words of wisdom. Met an american disciple of the Swami who stammers too. Liked Swamiji's philosophy of the day that, human life is like pursuing material and sensual cravings while living in exile from gods kingdom.Some day I shall cross the Yamuna and conquer the Shivalik hills in the background!

I am not sure of the vision and mission of TISA. I feel it is needed and like its general intention. It may touch different people in different ways. An organisation to raise social awareness or, a sangha to practise, learn self-help techniques, encourage stammerers. Bringing together a diverse set of people requires skill, patience and can be frustrating. However, the effort can bring growth and benefit to all.
from Newzealand


J P Sunda said...

For a moment I thought Dr Sachin has left for NZ :-) Welcome to India, Yadgar. If you are in Delhi anytime, you can meet Delhi SHG too

sachin said...

If my great team keeps working like this- I will certainly think of going on a looooong holiday soon..

Shorn Jacob said...

I love to come and meet you one day and go for a trekking in the himalayas, sachin sir.