December 27, 2011


I had attended workshop organized by TISA at delhi where we got sticker that we have stick on our cloths , "haklao magar pyar se" was printed on sticker.
on last day of workshop when i was returning to home ,i decided not to put off sticker till i reached home... after reaching home i pasted that sticker in fornt door ,at that time i have no idea why iam doing so.. but fortunetly this thing helped me lot ...people who come to meet us(me, brother n friends we live toghter) ask why we pasted this sticker...and i or my friend tell him about tisa and my problem..after this i do not try to hide my self from brief workshop helps us both way directly or indirectly

today i am leaving delhi to attend nation conference at wishing TISA family in advance

HAPPY NEW YEAR...may this new year bring true knowledge in our life

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