October 22, 2011

Delhi workshop 22 October 1st day

Tisa's Delhi workshop held on 22 October on ISAD(International stuttering awareness day). There were nineteen members who attend it on first day. Dr. Sachin, J.P sunda, Dr. khisitz, Sikander, Anupinder singh, Rakesh, Ashish, Nitin tomer, Nitin Ahuja, Rahul chauhan, Parmendra, Umesh, Harshveer, Pinakin, Abhishek, Kuldeep, Gaurav, Lalit, Balbir. We enjoyed the workshop a lot and made people aware all around the Delhi. So I was very tired when sat to write this blog. So I will describe the events  today only in brief but I promise to write a long thesis on this Delhi workshop after few days.
These are the following activities we all do and i enjoyed every minute of it.
1. Introduction + Family jock-
   Each one had to share his funny incident with stammering or a rumor of family. Ummm.. I enjoyed the family Jock by Parmendra most. Magufali bechoge :-)

2. Chinese whisper play-
    Sikander sir introduced all of us with his this new play. It was very enjoyable part. We learned from it that how people changes the thoughts and key-points when transfer thoughts from one to another. By the way my team B, won this interesting play.

3. Calling to unknowns and video-making-
     Each one had to call to unknown pws and marketing for National conference. We did this in groups. One member made video of that person who was making call. It was basically to know our stammer and how emotions changes when we are in pressure.

4. Video analyzing with feedback-
   Video played at front of all members and tried to find  what we did wrong at time of stammer. Also each one was feed backed by our coordinators. We all enjoyed videos of others but feeling something nervous when  played own.

5. Went out and shouting slogans-
     We wore t-shirts of slogans like "Haklao magar pyar se" and shouting the slogens in delhi streets without any shame and fear. Thanks to Dr. kshitiz who made this task so each for us.

6. Stuttering on India gate-
    At last we went to India gate and start our stuttering interview there. Lot of people we talked there. aware them. and enjoyed a lot there.
 this is only brief description of first day. Pictures and detalis summery post in few day. perhaps after dewali.
 Dont miss the 2nd day's updates which is coming soon. So stay connected......


sikander said...

Hi Umesh, Thanks for posting the analysis of the First Day.
Going out with the stickers displaying Haklao magar pyar se, on Delhi's street was a challenging task for us. I am happy that we did it very bravely. Stadning at the Gate of Khan Market was also a tough task for us but we did a very nicely. Without the courage and support of the participants it could not have been possible. Thanks all for your valuable time.

J P Sunda said...

It was so much fun to be in Delhi

Satyendra said...

Lagta hai jaise Rampur ke mele me bichde sabhi bhai do din ke liye mil gaye ho..
Bahut achha laga..

Satyendra said...

Dr Kshitiz was in full form that day. He inspired all of us. Yes, it takes courage - and just one example. That's all it takes.

abhishek said...

thanks umesh sir for writing lively this event...

Er. Umesh said...

Dr. ksitiz tho jaha bhi hamare sath hote hai hamare hosle apne aap double ho jate hai..