September 12, 2011

मै हूँ ना..

I m a stammerrer bt i m nw a confident person as per as my speech is conserned........i m using both prolongation & bouncing.......i m using dis in my daily life.......and its fruiteful.....i m lookking my life in a dffrnt angle.......

i m alwaz dere 2 help my stammerring frnds

u may contact me-08928963535
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sachin said...

"Therapies that change attitudes toward speaking and stuttering were considered more successful than therapies that focus on speech mechanics.."
From NSA survey (

Time and again, I have seen that people who are able to change their attitude towards stammering, benefit by self therapy and improve faster.. Chakit is a good example. I recommend him to anyone looking for an on-line coach and help..

lalit said...

hi chakit ..good to know that ur in recovery path....
need to some thing about u
how long ur practicing bouncing and prolongation ,and where live,
and if u have time u can post a writeup telling ur journey(ups and downs) with bouncing and prolongation :-)