September 11, 2011

Just coincidence?

few day back i was planning for something important and at that time got information that sachin sir is conducting workshop in herbutpur .At that time i had to finish lot of office work & their are very few chance to get leave in such a shot notice but fortunately got the leave and attended workshop
we had done lots of activity &learned a lot which i will share in my coming post,this time want to share coincidence

on 2nd day of workshop i realized this this workshop is scheduled exactly after one year of my first workshop, i became very happy that somebody is planning things for me,then also realized that i am going to take my 2nd vipassana course exactly after one year of previous course(may be diff of 2 - 3 days) then

NOTE-: i know i am not good at writing but expressed my self, same thing applies to communication too, one need not to be fluent to communicate well.


sachin said...

To paraphrase a SRK dialogue: when you sincerely want certain outcomes, puri kayanat (whole cosmos) conspires to fulfill it..
This is what you call "Coincidence" unknowingly..

Ashish Agarwal said...

Try to take advantages of all these coincidences & live a lively happy life :-)