February 18, 2018

A Candid Talk

Hey guys...
It's been quite a long again, but as it is said it never too late.
I was in Jaipur to attend few marriage as it is a wedding season. So I thought why not meet some fantastic people. I messaged in the Jaipur SHG group for a meet up and few people got ready. We planned to meet in Central Park on Sunday at 2 pm. I reached there quite early as I had no work😄. Dr. Chandra Prakash reached soon after and then came Pawan, Kuldeep and further we were joined by two young guys Aditya and Yash. For 1.5hr we just TALKED NONSENSE😄😄. After that nonsense we came to the point and everyone shared their thoughts and feelings. Dr. Saab stated that there had been immense change not in his stammering but the way he look at things now and shared his story during his college days. I mentioned the change in the thought process of one my friend who used to make fun of my stammering in school but now is happily married to one of my best WWS friend-cum-TISA volunteer. Kuldeep shared his experience of campus drive and interview sessions. Aditya told us that there are other things than stammering which can be think over. Yash (non PWS) expressed that he too feel the same shyness and fear while speaking in class and elsewhere. In the end Pawan told that he faces problem in private life due to stammering but doesn't have problem in professional life.
It was great meeting TISA guys in Jaipur after a long time. After the meeting Dr. CP and I went to his college to see Life Science exhibition which was really knowledgeable although I got scared in Anatomy
and Scary room 😄😄.

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Satyendra Srivastava said...

Yes, change in mindset is the crux- not change in the speech so much... because "severest" stammerer do not stammer on every word. It is just a few words which scare him/her sometime. Once we learn to see the whole thing in a new perspective, life changes dramatically. This of course appears to be a big "riddle/ paradox" to the newcomer (to some old timers too!). This understanding is more intuitive than logical and therefore not many are able to appreciate this simple fact...