October 4, 2017

My love for fluency

I hated it when i couldn't utter a word and on top of it there was always some one who completed my sentence.

I hated it when i couldn't order my favorite food as it was damn difficult to pronounce.

I hated it when the idea of getting a perfect response for my roll calls sends a shiver down my spine.

I hated, I hated it, I hated it..............

Just because I have made my list of things to hate,it doesn't mean I have lost my tendency to love.

I loved it when the priest performs his sermons in an interrupted fashion.

I loved it when my English teacher recites the words of Yeats, Wordsworth or Shakespeare without any hesitation.

I loved it when the news anchor announces the news without any penchant for fumble and clumsiness.

I loved it when my friends share their lame stories and crack their dull jokes with such ease and calmness.

In fact I was in love with fluency and I have made my ways to find you.

I stuffed my mouth with pebbles like Demosthenes to attain coherent speech which was stupid.

I altered my speed of speaking to gain free flow while to others it sounded like I was singing.

I read tirelessly pages of newspaper alone just to bring myself out of my comfort zone.

And finally we met.

At first it seemed like we had a perfect relationship which was devoid of any suffering or hardship.
I didn't know what was going on your mind.
May be I was not your kind.
Suddenly you left me without any prior notice.

I had this unflinching desire to be with you in any way possible.
If you were by my side we could have conquer this world.
Rather than spending days and nights in anxiety I could have become an extrovert.
And by your mere support I could have known for my eloquence.

More so ever it was hard to found you in viva, interviews or presentation.
These act of betrayals only ends up in frustration.
Sometimes you help me which feels like you actually care.
But your disloyalty makes our relationship a one sided affair.

After all these constant flip flops I have finally realized that we are not meant to be together.
Regardless without you also I'll be stronger than ever.



This poem is awesome man.. It is gist of accepatance:)

Satyendra Srivastava said...