July 9, 2017

Stammering as a metaphor of oppression?

Movies keep defining and refining our stammer! Here is an excerpt from an interview of a female protagonist of an upcoming movie:
I stammer because that is a big part of Indu Sarkar, the character. But there is another subtext to why Indu stammers. With the emergency, the whole vibe was that the nation’s, and in turn, the people’s voice was suppressed. That is symbolic of Indu’s voice being suppressed from the time she was small, and by the time the Emergency was lifted the nation’s voice was lifted, and that’s exactly what happens to Indu’s character. She doesn’t stop stammering, but she finds herself, she finds her true voice. That is the metaphor that we’ve played with in the movie. (link)
Another snippet from media, tells us: the "cures" which our caring family foists upon us may or may not work, but when we get passionate about something- THAT really helps. We just have to find our passion..
Born to an affluent family in New Jersey, Tompkins never wanted for material comforts. But she was tortured by a debilitating stutter. In an effort to help her overcome it, her well-meaning father arranged for a series of "cures" that were almost as bad as the problem itself... Things changed when Tompkins discovered flying as an adult. Eventually her passion led her to train with the Women's Air Force Services, and in the process of discovering her strengths, she lost her stutter. (link)
But what do we do? We discount all this, turn our back on responsibility of SELF, and go in search for the therapist, who God willing, will be better than the last one.. (and claim that we are more intelligent than the regular guys!).
Keep walking - and smiling.



Ravi Kant Sharma said...

stammering is not just suppression of voice, but more than that, Suppression of once feelings, thoughts, actions, behavior and his/her freedom.

Satyendra Srivastava said...

Yes, that one word changes us, our world, totally. What a magic! And to believe that we ourselves let it do this to us! How dumb can we be! Amazing!