March 27, 2017

!!!Documentary on S-S-Stammering by Ahmedabad SHG!!!

It was the sunny day in Vastrapur lake with the beautiness of plants and trees and people doing morning walk around us.

We were four members (Vipul,Vivek,Harshil,Partik)  who gathered to do work on  communication 
skills.The agenda of meeting took U turn when we saw Ananth student of post graduation from National Institute 
of  Design who reached to us with his cameras and voice recorder to shoot the  documentary on 

It was our first exposure to represent our self in front of Cameras as a stammerer. Ananth and his 
classmate Gautam were well prepared with their questions and we did not hesitated to reply even a single 
question related to our life or of stammering. It was unique for us to speak in front of camera with the free mind . 

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Ravi Kant Sharma said...

yr hume bhi mauka milega kya aise documentary me kabhi....hahaha