March 20, 2017

Bangalore SHG Communication Workshop Report

Here is a brief report of Bangalore Communication workshop (4-7 March 2017):

Timeline was an exercise done in pairs and it was about cultivating openness and a deeper understanding of who we are, based on significant past events – and patterns in our lives. It also helps you to decide which way you want to go forward. It also involves counseling skills (=empathetic listening). Most pairs, felt closer afterwards: their earlier friendship took a deeper dimension. Some people also felt lighter. As a follow up, we shared Kristin Chmela’s story, written by herself, documenting her own struggles in early life and insights. Then, Tarak shared his thoughts followed by Animesh’s play – Taramandal; It consisted of 5 short plays, inspired by Satyajit Ray’s stories.

On day two, we moved on to expressive communication: reciting poems and talking to a stranger. Both exercises were video graphed and reviewed. Art of pausing and dealing with secondaries (facial and body symptoms) were discussed and practiced. Both exercises were done in pairs- with a “buddy”.

Third day: In retrospect, it was the best day since we left the “safe” indoors and went out into the real world. In metro, we did some amazing fun activities with immediate benefits! At Cubbon park, we did an opinion poll about 8th March (International Women’s day). After asking all the questions about women’s issues, we asked at the end: Did you notice me stammer? Was that a problem in communication? What can be done? By you and me? Etc.

Most subjects were aware about the women’s day and the issues women face. Young women gave most coherent answers- and were also appreciative of what TISA was doing. Choosing such a social and relevant topic for stranger talk is a GOOD idea. It encourages good discussion.
Finally, back to Montfort center, we did a Road Map exercise, both individually and for Bangalore SHG as a whole.

Three days, Sachin had been pushing others. Day four was a worthy challenge for him. Abhinav and he, drove off to Nandi Hills for a day-outing. Driving a Kinetic Honda scooter on busy highways was a NEW experience for Sachin. Everything went well and they had a very relaxing time at Nandi Hills. Thanks to Abhinav and Pratim!

(I got to meet all old friends: Sudhi, Dinesh, Mohit, Anupam, Naman & Rashmi, Jonali, Mansi, Nishil, Shobhit, Rohit, Hari Krishna, Upasana, Tarunidhar, Reuben, Pramod… Thank you, all of you! Sachin)


Manimaran said...

Abhinav has invited me to this workshop. Due to health reasons, I couldn't able to attend it. It seemed like a great one. I really missed this opportunity. I was happy that many have attended it and got benefitted. With Dr.Sachin's presence, all must have learned more than that of stammering. My best wishes to the Bangalore SHG.

Umair said...
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Umair said...

Nice Post!!