February 13, 2017

Are you Raees or Kabil?

12 Feb 2017: Ahmedabad 

On a chilly winter morning, vastrapur lake was more than beautiful today. With the birds chirping and leaves shaking, we kick-started our SHG with a cup of tea and round of introduction. Five people attended the SHG today including myself, Vipul, Roshan, Anil and Vivek . Vivek Puri, one of the active participant and the co-ordinator for today’s SHG, had come fully prepared with notes. He explained about the famous ‘bouncing technique’, how to do it and what its practical benefits are. We made it a point to converse while use bouncing technique only and guess what; we did it and found it immensely useful. 

The sessions started including a psychology session with the aim to find the real meaning of life which we as stammerers often forget in all our hustle-bustle around our stammer. We did self-analysis and remembered the things which we are proud of and the happiest moment of our lives. Then we discussed about what friendship means to us and how it feels to help somebody in need. 

We spoke about the things which hold us back and how we can correct it. We discussed about one of our bad habits and how it has affected us. The common bad habit which I and Vipul shared was procrastination. We discussed our examples (with bouncing technique) and made it through. Then, we discussed how we would upgrade ourselves, if given the opportunity. The different aspects of life were touched upon which came out quite fruitful. 

Then, a story telling session was executed where Anil initiated with a word ‘Pizza’ and we concluded the story blaming Shilpa that she didn’t have enough vegetables to invite everybody over pizza party, bizarre right? We had a great laugh. Vivek’s final session was a light one with cinema driven questions. He asked us to tell briefly about the last movie we watched and one dialogue from the movie. The top answers were Raees and Kaabil, ofcourse.

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Satyendra Srivastava said...

If I have a choice, I will prefer to be Kaabil, than Raees!! ha ha ha..(Joking, no offence meant to any Actor!)