January 24, 2017

Bangalore SHG January 22, 2017 meeting report

“Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”

Sometimes what keeps us from getting what we want in life is our reluctance to change our routines and habits. We want to minimize the stress and risk that breaking the routine may cause. However, we may know in our heart that the job we are doing now is not right for us. We endure them because we fear what is next, or we are stuck in a neurotic pattern based on our experiences. At the same time, we are also brave enough to break out of these patterns and create positive change.

So always make uncomfortable zone as your friend, jump into it, face it and make most out of it. Face a fear that you have, Do what scares you every day, Make a bold move towards your goal and I am sure we can achieve anything. These lines may sound familiar, but we hardly follow these in our life.

At the last SHG meeting, I realized above things by heart and again feel myself with motivation. Thanks to fellow SHG members who reiterated their life journey and struggles and filled the environment in motivation.

It was another Sunday, both the dogs were waiting for us and Animesh and group were about to finish their workshop. This time we were six people. Including Ashwin (New TISA joiner), Surya (New Bangalore SHG joiner), me, Abhinav, Mansi and Teja. We started the session with our introduction. Then we had a reading session. We read two paragraphs each from ‘Apna Haath Jagannath’.

After that, there was a sharing session. Aswin, Surya, Teja shared their feelings, journey as a PWS, the difficulty faced and much more. That was a nice moment listening to them and engulfing their feelings. After that, we had an impromptu speech session. Where we spoke up to two minutes on given topics. At last, we winded up, took the photo and bid an adieu.

Written By - Subrat

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Dinesh Singh said...

Good report Subrat. Keep writing and keep coming to the shg it will do wonders!
Thanks Abhinav for posting. Please request/help Subrat to post himself and explore :-)