January 10, 2017

Happy New Year f.f.friends

             Every new year brings hope and joy to our lives. Our minds are full of New Year resolutions and hope of better future.. But, do we need to neglect the joys of our life-journeys in anticipation of reaching our destination, i.e. success?? What is life but just a journey!!
            For PWS like us , the enigma of  understanding stammering is analogous to humankind's search  of  God-both are extremely difficult to decode!! So we have no small task at hand.Hence, while dealing with ways to manage our stammer, let us not be in awe of our stammering all the time -lets focus on other aspects of life as well.How about spending time with our loved ones; taking a short vacation to unwind in the lap of  nature;or putting our level best to the immediate task-be it cooking a meal or solving a difficult mathematics problem; or reaching out to someone in need of our help.. 

Wish you all a happy new year.

P.S-You are welcome to share your feelings on TISA blog, preferably in Hindi or English.For any assistance kindly contact me at abhikumar.bsnl@gmail.com or Hemantji at janhem1008@gmail.com.


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Satyendra Srivastava said...

Yes, getting away and thinking about the purpose of life- rather than just RACING thru life - is so important!
Thank you Abhishek! Keep sharing your thoughts! They may encourage all of us.. You have guessed it right: Stammering was and is only a metaphor. There is a deeper meaning..