September 5, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG meeting Report 4th Sept 2016

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday we had a meeting in children’s park at 4.30pm. We were three members- Suraj, Rishikesh and Me. The meeting started with the formal talks with me and Rishikesh. Rishikesh has a severe stuttering so he were facing lots of problems with this speech. Rishikesh and me discussing lots of matters like how to practice with the right attitude. Rishikesh as a problem of lack of self-discipline like we all stammers have so I told him to start practicing from now.

Later on Suraj has joined us and we all discussed many things of stammering and its solution. He has also given risks a precious advice that just talk no matter what people say to him. He told to start talking as much as possible starting at home. 

On Rishikesh request,  I called Dr Sachin and he advices to create stammering campaign over your city which we are actually not doing. We are lack of regular members, although we have more than 10 members in our city, but only  3-4 are regular. On Sachin sir advice we are keen to create this awareness campaign to every college and schools. Also to include some activities to our meeting. 

On next meeting, we will try to discuss and make a plan on how to execute this campaign. Finally, we dispersed with the lovely selfie. 

Sincerely Thanks  Dr Sachin who have given a great advice to Rishikesh in dealing with their speech.

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sachin said...

Thnak you Mohit and Suraj.. I loved talking to Rishikesh.
Encourage him to join TISA events, whenever he can..
Life changes by what we do, not by what we know, or read, or listen, or think, or imagine.. hai naa?