August 24, 2016

DELHI SHG Meeting Report | Acceptance After Freedom*

Last Sunday SHG meeting was held in Jantar Mantar. Meeting start at 11:00 AM. Members are  Vishal(Host) , Dinesh(Host), Rahul, Jagriti, Anshul, Rahim, Pawan, Rajat, Ravi jaga, Shilender, Nitin, Raman, Gaurav, Prajwal, Arunesh and Jitender .

Meeting was based on threefold way-choose the gear, work hard & observe yourself(self-evaluation).
Meeting had 6 activities:-

1. WORK ON OPENING OR FREEDOM TO KNOW YOUR TRUE SELF:- In this activity we had to gave our intro in short way n set goal for meeting.

2.INTENSIVE TECHNIQUE PRACTICE:- In this activity we were stood in round n everyone had to told their name first with voluntry stammering then with bouncing and prolongation then in loud voice and at last we had to told some good qualities of other PWS.

3. PITCH ROUND:- In this activity everyone had to gave speech on a topic. Topics were selected about things which were only situated in jantar-mantar like Tree leaves, Tree without leaves, Dustbin, Monuments n Roots etc.

4.GD ROUND:-In this activity we were divided in four groups n every group had a topic given by other group n we started discussion about that topic. After 4-5 minutes, each group had to given their conclusion about same topic. Topics were Child labour, Sex-Education, intolerance and Rural Development.

5. SELF EVALUATION: - In this activity everyone had to told, what they were feel on that moment.

6. WITHOUT ACCEPTANCE DOING ACCEPTANCE :- This activity was liked stranger talk but difference was that first we had to asked about route and location of any place etc. & after sometime we can told them about our stammering.

                                                                                                                  Written by
 Anshul Saini                                          

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Good job, Anshul!!