August 15, 2016

Delhi SHG Meeting on 14th Aug

Hello Every one I am Shailender

Delhi SHG meeting was held in One Internet (Connaught Place). This is the special meeting as this time first time we organize combined activity with two SHG’s Hyderabad SHG’s and Pune SHG’s. In which our all members talk to Pune SHG’s and Hyderabad SHG’s members to practice of calling. Meeting attended by 5 PWS whose names are :- Dinesh Ola, Jagriti Bhagat, Gundev (New), Shailender (Host) and Rahim (Old but first time in Delhi SHG meeting)

Theme of meeting was
 Calling Practice and Use of techniques max to max. Meeting was totally based on theme. I reached the venue bit late as because of heavy rain in morning and continuously attending calls of members.  Meeting started at 11:30 AM  with 3 minutes meditation. Activities performed in meeting are:-

1.                    Brief introduction Round: This time all the members are looking very energetic in introduction as two member out of 5 attended first time but all are looking confident. Gundev finished its introduction in 2 lines but when we asked them about of his stammering of childhood then we need to stop him  in middle as time was up.
2.                    Calling Practice: In this round our Delhi SHG member has to talk to other SHG member where meeting running on. This time only two other meeting going on in Pune and Hyderabad. In first time we talk to Pune and only two ready to talk other two denied to talk. But after two successful calling, when we talk to Hyderabad SHG the other two also ready to calling. All calling experience was very energetic. Even we get very positive response from Pune and Hyderabad SHG too.
3.                     Techniques Sharing Round: In which all the members take part of sharing the techniques as we have the new member Gundev. We talk about Volunteer Stutter, Acceptance, Bouncing, Prolongation, Pausing etc
4.                   Extempore Round: In this round we gave to every one a random single line and one has to make story after this line for 30 seconds. As we are only 5 then we did this activity in 3 rounds and every body get chance to speak max to max.
5.                   Pausing Techniques Practice: In this round we made a paragraph where there we put comma after every 2 or 3 letters. Everybody has to read the paragraph and  in each comma everybody has to take pause for 1 or 2 seconds. Every body amaze to see that in reading that paragraph the stammering was very controlled. Gundev love this technique. The Paragraphs was
a)       A, monkey, named Frank, wanted to put, together a puzzle. Frank, decided, to eat the puzzle, because Frank, is very silly. Frank, began, to feel sick. Then, Frank’s friend, tried to help, with the puzzle, and saw, that a piece, was missing. Frank’s, friend, I will, call him Jim-Bob, started looking, for the missing piece. Frank, looked, very sick, and had, to go, to the hospital. 
6.                   Parchi Round: In this round we made a 28 topic in a page everybody choose a number and on this serial number which topic exist every body has to speak on topic. But the condition is every body has to choose a techniques and speak with using techniques. Gundev this time too use pausing as he love to use pausing.  Other technique he tried but not able to use. 
7.                    Extend the line: Then we did a activity where a person say to his right side person any random line and other person has to complete it with a single line. Then the other starts with his right side person. But the condition is everybody has to use technique and if anybody skip it then he or she to start it again.
8.                    Energizer activity: Every stammerer has the fear of shouting. To encounter the fear we did this activity every body has to shout his name very loud then everybody has to do volunteer stuttering in shouting of his name. We also want to shout a voice very loud but that is not permitting this venue.
9.                    Feedback: Then Dinesh Ola give the Feedback to every body.

Then there as start competition of who is writing the blog even Dinesh Ola and Jagriti use the coin toss for who is writing the report on blog. But I win. In last the meeting is successful and informative. 

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Satyendra said...

Wow! Amazing. My friend Kushal Batbyal will surely say: This is a LEAP from Newtonian Physics to QUANTUM physics.
I will say: This was MAHA-SHG meeting! The enthusiasm it generated is obviously because of synergy of three SHGs.
This is creative, this is inspiring - and this is every bit worth replicating all over India! This post is going to "All time popular" column on the right.. Next time, you guys should make a short documentary on this. And show it in the NC.. My Oscar goes to you all.
Jagriti - you get ten Oscars. Keep participating and feel free to write on the blog..
My friend Ola is looking like a pro manager! Congrats everyone...