July 19, 2016

Inspiring and relevant

Received from Sanjeet Khanuja (Pune):
A workshop was conducted this afternoon at Pune Girls Blind school with an objective to increase the IT skills to help visually challenged students. 
Highlights of the workshop :
* 80 odd students mainly from 9th and 10th class attended the workshop. 
* One hour time was given but it went for 1 hr and 45 mins.
* One out of two speakers, is working at Wadia college herself is visual challenged. Her name is Shubhangi.
* Many students shared their dreams and Shubhangi guided and motivated on how to pursue those dreams.
* Shubhangi also narrated her own story about how he pursued her dream and what are her future plans.
* She emphasized the importance of English and IT skills which will make a huge positive dent in those student's life.
* She provided her contact details at Wadia college for further studies for these girls students.
* Shubhangi and her friend both felt happy and powerful that they guided those little hearts with their own experience.
In short,  those students saw new possibilities,  motivation,  guidance and awareness that can change their lives. They got a leader whom they can contact for further guidance.
Thanks to the community, Amit (my coach), Shubhangi and her friend and Principal of that school to make this happen.

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mukesh singh said...

Amazing work sanjeet sir & team :)