May 13, 2016

A New Start : Merging two akin activities of Toastmasters and TISA

Here is the detail : 

What are top 4 advantages of making meeting toastmaster's type : - 

1. It gives structure and flow to the meeting.
2. It finds better opportunity for all to learn and lead the role. 
3. It gives mirror to all that where we are lacking and what we need to do.
4. It makes you leader as well as a best communicator.

How did we merge Toastmasters activities with TISA activities ?

1. As usual we added Introduction round compulsory
2. We added one new role Technique Counter to remind and motivate us to use the technique or to be in a freedom mode.
3. We added JokeMaster round where few of our fellow member can crack a joke
4. We added "Pitch" Round where everyone will have 60 second to share idea or speech or anything
5. We added hand holding Goal Sharing Round  in order to put essence to the meeting. 

Thank you !!!

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sachin said...

Very nice ideas...