April 4, 2016

The child within us is Dead.

Breaking News!! - The child within us is Dead.
  • We no more laugh wholeheartedly..
  • We no more chase butterflies..
  • We no more enjoy the beauty of life.. Life has become a burden..
We are born to experience this wonderful creation and not to work all our lives like slaves..

There is a  miracle unfolding every moment if we pay little attention..
  • A childs smile
  • A blooming flower
  • A Sun set
  • A full moon,
  • The taste of water,
  • The smell of earth..
These are no less than any miracle.. But are we "present" to witness the miracle unfolding each moment?
When we are young, it is so easy to learn anything, as we grow, why learning becomes difficult?
Our minds are more developed, we are so called intelligent now.. then why we become so slow in learning and lack enthusiasm?
Because we have become so full now..
Full of what?
  • Full of past failure..
  • Full of people whom we hate and full of people who hate us..
  • Full of all things that have gone wrong..
  • Full of things that we dont have..
Is there is way to again become child like with unbound enery, unbound joy, unbound learning..
Is there a way to become "Empty"?
To share, following has helped me on my path.. which has just started and going on..

1) Acceptance..
  Acceptance of everything not only about stuttering..
  Accept your parents..
  Accept your life..
  Accept your partner..
 Accept all your life situations, your financial status,
Your height colour, caste, creed,
I wish I had this education, this career, this vehicle, this company.. etc..
I wish.. I wish.. I wish.. I wish.. I wish.. I wish.................................................
When all I wishes ends... life begins..
Accept what it is..

2) Learning the discpline..learning to be strong..
We all know, what is good for us and what is not.. we are not able to follow what is good..
Schools do not teach discipline..
We kill each other over a traffic brawl..
there are many who commit suicide over a break-up..
It was heart breaking to see, young vibrant Pratyusha bannerji committing suicide..

Why we are so fragile? Why dont our schools teach us to be strong..
There is a BIG gap which is filled no where..
Is there no gym for mind? Where strong minds are developed and not hollow bodies?

3) Developing the right knowledge..
Anything which questions our questioning skill and asks to abandon our questioning faculty should be abandoned like poison..
On the controrary anything which improves our questioning faculty, makes us strong, makes us light should be considered as right knowledge..
What is right knowledge..
Right knowledge removes clutter, its empowering.. it not only helps self but everyone else also..

To summarize -
There are lot of stuff that is not taugh in school, which ought to be learnt
Meditation or mindfullness is step by step procedure of self learning, self healing and developing self discipline.
Vipassana is one such practice which puts you on right track and plugs the Gaps which are not plugged anywhere else!

Vipassana is a Gym to develop a healthy mind -
1) It helps in overall Acceptance
2) Makes one strong, disciplined..
3) Helps develop right knowledge puts us on fast lane of self learning..

Bring back the lost childhood,
Bring back the Joy
Bring back the boundless energy
Bring back the Life

Warm Regards



Satyendra said...

Reminded me something of Eckhart Tolle..
And also of a three day silence I had had, years ago, in a monastery near Leh!
The challenge is to be totally present - open and available to this moment..
To be able to listen to the silence within, above the tumult of thoughts..
I hope more and more of TISA family will explore this path, even if just once in their life..
Thank you Dinesh, for reminding us of what really matters in the long run..

Mansi said...

Really nice post D. I loved ur speech too that day. Something to really think upon..

Unknown said...

Very Interesting Thots D...keep writing more...more u write the more u inspire