April 18, 2016

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report - 16th April 2016

This Sunday meeting was held at the Budha Smriti park. We were only two peoples- Me and Krishna. As all were busy in their work. So Krishna said let’s continue with both of us. We met right at 4pm and started our meeting with an experience of weekends and general life talks.

The meeting was all about giving motivation to each other. As Krishna struggles a lot with his stammering, so he opened up all his thoughts. I Advise him not to feel low and continue with your hardship, as we stammers are more intelligent and tougher than the normal ones. This ignites Krishna and feels happy once again. 

We discussed on issues like Vijay Malaya’s case and I was astonished to see his knowledge about him. We also talked in normal and in a relaxed way.

My thanks to Krishna for coming and to continue with meeting even with two people.
The show must go on.. 

Thanks for Reading!

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sachin said...

Yes, Mohit, sharing the pain of even one pws and inspiring him is a Great service - and requires no special training. It is easy and free.
Congratulations to both of you!