April 3, 2016

Mumbai SHG Meet

Today’s shg meet was attended by 6 members, Srinivas (host), Virendra, Jaiprakash, Vishal, Bharat and me. Srinivas did a wonderful job as a host. Below are the details of activities performed.

1.      Name Repetition: With an objective to be comfortable with your own name, everyone had to repeat their names loudly for full 1 minute (like ‘my name is xyz’). This is helpful as I believe we tend to stammer more on our names. Thus an activity like this helps getting comfortable while speaking your name.

2.      Experience Sharing: This activity provides a platform for participants to share their feelings/experiences about any incident (stammering or no-stammering) that happened in last week. Experience sharing is totally voluntary; however the host ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to speak.

3.      Group Activity: We split into 2 groups each having to give a short session, 9 minutes each (every speaker getting 3 min), on topics ‘Mistakes to avoid in a presentation’ and ‘Things to do in a presentation’. The information shared was indeed very helpful.

4.      Dumb Charades: The meeting ended with a fun activity of dumb charades. This game highlights the importance of non-verbal communication ;).

The meeting ended with a shg selfie J.

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Dhruv Gupta said...

Wonderful to read...keep bringing the creativity, fun and openness :)