April 20, 2016

Bangalore SHG meeting report 17 Apr 2016

Cheers everyone,

                 As you know we are having our meeting in a very disciplined manner now-a-days. This was our 6th meeting in this way. It started with prepared speech round. First sppech was an introduction speech by Ruben. I was late in this meeting so I missed most of his speech. After that more speeches were delivered by various speakers. Ammanath gave his first speech along with Dinesh. Dinesh gave his first speech in hindi. Soma and Shiva gave their second speech. Jounali gave her 4th speech. She is currently the leading speaker with 4 speeches.
                After first activity, it was time for impromptu speeches. We were 14 people with a very less time so we decided to divide our meeting in two sub groups. One group remained at the same place and another went to a differnt place. Our impromptu coordinator was absent so we were to decide topics at the spot. Jounali took the leadership and conducted that activity very well. After this, we were left with some time, so we decided to add one more activity where one has to say a good thing about oneself. Till now it was 1 and time to disperse the meeting. We clicked our pic and went on our way.

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sachin said...

Cool crowd, to hang with!