April 15, 2016

A thought for introspection.

Today while going through some old stories of Sachin, I found this one to be useful for young PWS like me.

Today I discovered that many of us (me included) have a tendency to play a trick on ourselves and others: we start offering help to other PWS, in attempt to project an image: "I am a recovered stutterer. See, I am recovered. You too can - just follow my advice." We think that acceptance, if good enough, should become redundant in 6 month flat. We accept- but even there, we bargain, like good Indians! Okay, my stammer, if I accept you whole heartedly, will you leave me alone in six months? seven months? Okay, you tell me your time frame? Is this Acceptance? We are in a hurry to move on- but the unfinished business is bad business.
This chain of thoughts started because a PWS 'therapist' phoned me today and shared his innermost feelings and fears. I agree that a senior PWS has much to offer to a younger PWS, especially in a self help framework- but he must constantly check the quality of his own acceptance, his own attitude towards dis-fluency, his own grit in the face of a block, however minor.

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sachin said...

Thanks Shobhit!
Yes, it took me quite a few years to BEGIN to appreciate that acceptance is an attitude, a philosophy of life.. (not a technique or a milestone)
I derived a lot of understanding from a modern teacher: Eckhart Tolle. Check these videos from him..


All the best!