March 1, 2016

Stammering Buzz !!

Dear friends,

The Indian regional film "Su... Su... Sudhi", a short film "Stutterer" winning the Oscars, and an upcoming Bollywood release featuring a stammering protagonist... Stammering is indeed creating waves... waves of awareness.

This happens when people like us speak out and "talk" about stammering. It could be in form of blogs, a speech or creative expressions like poems or stories.

A PWS from Australia has done the same. Dr. Cameron Raynes, a 51 year old Doctor from Adelaide, Australia, has published his novel titled "First Person Shooter". This is a novel is a story of Jayden, a 15-year-old teen who stutters. I'm presently reading this book, and will be sharing my review shortly.

It is encouraging to see stammering buzz everywhere. Like Dr. Cameron, why not we also try expressing about stammering in creative way? Thus, we create awareness and create a world we want to create for ourselves. If we don't speak about stammering, then who will?

1 comment:

sachin said...

Yes, Harish, if we dont speak, who will?
(Probably only comedians and Therapists??)

We can create the world we want..