March 2, 2016


The Delhi SHG has constantly been aiming to better itself and introduce new and innovative activities. It recently organized a ‘Grand SHG’. Members from outside Delhi were also encouraged to attend it.  Ravi Jagga, our IT guru, managed to promote the event well and in the process got confirmations from about 4-5 new members. However, only one new member turned up. The total attendance was about 25.

The meeting was hosted by me, Maadhav Anand Kumar, and Vikas Ranga. The meeting began with a rousing speech by Vikas which inspired people and had them in splits. His speech had elements that every stutterer could instantly relate too and his activist-like tone gave it a humorous quality. We had earlier thought of focussing the meeting on the new members and making it like an introduction to TISA and what we do here. But because of the conditions ( only 1 new member being present) we had to think on our feet and make adjustments. Luckily we had Lalit Sir, Sikander Sir and Mohammed Tahir amongst us. We hosted a Q and A session with them, where all those present could ask any questions they wished to them.  We also got hear the personal stories of each of these members about what challenges they faced and what helped them change.. We also had sessions where we took feedback from people about the SHG meetings and their experience about the communication workshops. This was especially beneficial for those who are relatively new in our SHG.
Our group meeting caught the attention of outsiders as well. While some just gazed at us curiously, there was one person who wished to be a part of the meeting. He said he saw a group of people sharing their experiences and feelings openly and this is what attracted him. It was only later when we told him ourselves that he realised we were all stammerers! He listened intently and was enjoying himself.

We broke for lunch at about 2:15. Though we had planned to assemble back by 2:45, only about half had returned by 3:00. They played a game that Sachin sir had taught us and got to hear more stories from Lalit sir and left. Connaught Place is a expensive place for roti sabzi eaters, So other group to find good food options walk upto very far as most are sick they only want roti sabzi and upto 04 PM other group reached and other group do activities in Central Park upto 05:15 PM like experience sharing etc and also we arranged home tea also which we all enjoyed specially Amit Dixit ji after food in Central Park couple of times. Even when other group reached Central Park at 04 PM the main gate is too far so we all tried jumping 5 feet iron sharp fencing. Starting maximum denied to jumped but when one jumped then all other jumped one by one.


sachin said...

"Thinking on feet.." wow, we all need to develop that quality..
Very good documentation and Great meeting, I must say!

Dosto, kya tumhe ehsaas hai ki tum DUNIYA badal rahe ho? Ek waqt aayega jab PhD students tumhare in hee meetings par research karenge..

Lage raho.. badal dalo sab kuchh!

jasbir singh said...

Nice to see such a big group assembled under TISA umbrella.The umbrella is growing day by day.
We are really changing the world and peoples attitude towards stammering.
The day is not far when it won't be looked down as an inferiority in any way.
It would be just a way of speaking i.e. Transfluents.
My best wishes to Delhi SHG.
May all beings be Happy.

Shobhit Singh said...

Missing Delhi SHG. What a great year those were!!!

Dehradun SHG said...

WOW !! Delhi SHG, very nice. Keep surprising us by your impeccable performances !!