April 1, 2016

Dehradun Documentary

"The activities have become monotonous.."
"Oh, same Intro round?!"
"Is it Vol. Stam. or Bouncing? Aren't they same?"
Well, facilitating a session and leading a SHG can be as difficult as being Academic In charge for a Post-graduate course in Mathematics! We need to constantly LEARN, be creative and be good at HELPING others learn (not just "lecture" them!). Not just tell them "what it is like" - but coaching them to explore it on their own. At times, it might as well be like taking unwilling horses to..!! (you know rest of it :). But this art is not "Black Magic". One CAN learn it by applying oneself. Mohit Dwivedi has been applying himself consistently for last two years or so - beside doing theater and many other interesting things in his young life! We decided to make a documentary highlighting various "skills" which make up core competency for a good SHG Coordinator (Fluency is NOT in this list of competencies..!!):

Part two: https://youtu.be/qxb7jhwCVyc
I wish to thank everyone in Dehradun SHG, especially Adarsh, Ravindra, Dayal and Mohit.. Can we encourage other SHGs too, to share such videos?


ABHISHEK said...

These videos have showcased how SHG coordination can be effectively done. Congratulations to the Dehradun team for the great work.

Dehradun SHG said...

I hope it clears all the doubts about the SHG meetings. It was fun doing the documentary!!

Unknown said...

superb courage while public interaction(this is the extreme level of fear which i personally feel with stammering ) you guys are doing it easily.

Satyendra said...

Thank you Abhishek!
Thank you Dehradun SHG too- Has Dayal heard himself singing so well?
The real fun was the editing part!
(Thx to Sony alpha 58 too)