January 25, 2016


It’s the latest norm!! We are not just reaching double digits, we are not just happy with 10 people every week, week after week its full house! The small hut that we used for a long time looks abandoned and the bigger hut (that’s what we call that place!) is the place where we meet now by default!

I was excited and at the same time frightened at the thought of 16 people sitting for a 3 hour shg session! Excited because of the strength and frightened at the same time as I was unsure if everyone could get a good share of the time to speak!

Anyways, todays participants were … Super Shobhit , Mundane Mohit , Jovial janani , Mast mansi , robust raman , naaasty naman , Shiny siddarth , Tremendous tapan, Rolling rajesh, Rocking rajkumar , Sociopath sharath , Ravishing Reuben , Smart sharath , All rounder Amarnath , Daredevil dinesh and Different Deepak.

Its tough to name them all in such short space ! ;)

At first we read Apna hath jagannath, for some time until everyone. Next was the short introduction round but since the strength was large, it became a looo…ng round ! We got to see some new faces in Rajkumar,Sharath and Deepak, who came all the way from mysore to attend the shg !

After this, as was planned by our ‘daredevil Dinesh’, we had the poem recitation round. Though we fell short of few more recitations, the round was enthralling to the audience, as we had something new in place. Its always exciting to have something new!

Mohit , a fan of Harivansh rai Bachchan ,  recited “Koshish karne walo ki kabhi haar nahi hoti”.Maybe rohith could have given some tough competition if he was there on that day !
Rajkumar recited “A road less travelled”, by Robert frost, motivating all of us to choose a different path than what you know! Siddarth explained and recited a modern poem, “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by WB Yeats.
Jananis was the longest poem among the group called, IF by Rudyard Kipling.
Reubens was “The man who thinks he can” by walter winkle.
Dinesh, recited his own beautiful and short poem on stammering! Always motivating in whichever way he can and in a manner only he can replicate!
Lastly, Tapan sang beautifully the lines of Ekla chalo re, the song wrote during indias freedom struggle and recently used in the movie kahaani,  from Rabindranath Tagore !

Thats a scary look !
It was a close call as to who the winner was and it was awarded to Mohit. Hope he makes good use of the pen he received from Dinesh. It was good to see the healthy and strong competition that was there between all the participants.Anyways, we explore different things we are capable by participating in these things and participating matters the most.

After this we had a “Memory come describe yourself round”! Please go back to the third stanza if you wanna know how each one described themselves!

Then it was time for prepared speeches. Mansi spoke on meditation and its benefits from a scientific viewpoint. I was really surprised at the depth at which she spoke on the subject, which many of us, I am sure had no idea of.

Deeply engrossed ;)
Next it was Siddarths turn for a perfect speech on ‘logos effect’. The best part was the flow that he maintained during the speech. Isnt that why they say , a good teacher is one who walks the talk ! Now we have the benchmark siddarth !!

See you all next week for more prepared speeches ! Maybe if the same rate continues, it might be time to think of having more SHG meetings within Bangalore !

Have a happy week !

Sharath Chandra 

PS : The videos of our young poets shall be posted soon on youtube.