December 18, 2015

News @ TISA Hyderabad Chapter - Nov 22, Nov 29, Dec 6 and Dec 13

For Nov 22nd, Nov 29th and Dec 6th dates i just posted pics of the meetings at last of this post.

We were 8 members for the meetup on Dec 13th.
1. Mauzzam 2.Santosh 3. Nihal 4.Ramu 5.Govindh 6.Kaushik 7.Kondal rao and 8. Rajesh

Ramu coordinated today's meeting.
We had an introduction round first and then Santhosh has come up with a new activity called balloon blowup.
PWS take less air so by blowing balloon we can increase our lung capacity.
Everyone were given a balloon and we shall blow it full and also blast it with full air.
It was fun, We even kept a competition on blowing balloons.
Later we played a physical game where team is divided into 2.
One will pass on balloon to the goal and wins the game. The game has made us forget stammering and increased team building skills for sometime.
Day went fine, great enthu among team.

Nov 22 meeting pic

Nov 29 meeting

Dec 6


sachin said...

Wow- the park seems familiar- I guess the same, where we had gone together during Com WS..
Good to get out and have fun..

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Sachin ji,

That park was Botanical gardens.
This park is Jalagam Vengal Rao park.