October 31, 2015

5th TISA National Conference Brief

Written by Dipesh Agarwal ( FROM DELHI SHG )

1st day  9th October                                                                          
It was a nice sunny day on 09th October when a group of more than 100 stammerers met at Indian Social Institute in New Delhi. They had traveled from different parts of India to be there — taking 3 days out of their otherwise busy schedule — to be a part of TISA's Fifth National Conference.

For most of them, it was their first National Conference; it was the first time in their life that they would be seeing so many stammerers under one roof.

At about 09:00 AM, people started coming in to the third floor where the Conference hall was. Just outside, they were greeted by the enthusiastic and smiling face of Dhruv Arora and Dipesh Aggarwal, who were taking care of registration and giving out the Kit and ID card the participant would have to keep with themselves for the next three days.

After registration, they were welcomed inside by Anjali Sisodia and Madhuri Shukla, who welcomed the participants by adorning their foreheads with a teeka.

At about 10:00 AM — a vast majority of participants had come — TISA's Fifth National Conference officially began. Vishal Gupta, Delhi SHG co-ordinator, started the NC by singing a beautiful song "Abhi Mujhme Kahin" from Agneepath. Like always, Vishal's wonderful voice captivated the audience and for the entirety of the song, the hall was engulfed in comforting silence.

After the mesmerising song, Sikander Singh — one of the oldest TISA member and Delhi SHG member — welcomed the crowd with a short warm speech. Even though the speech was amazing, the crowd was a little disappointed because the welcome speech was supposed to be given jointly by Dr Sachin Srivastav and Sikander Singh, but because of pressing health reasons, Dr Sachin couldn't join the National Conference.
At the end of the Welcome Note, Mr Singh inaugurated the Fifth NC by lighting diyas amidst thundered applause.
After this, Vishal informed the participants about the ground rules and shared with them the agenda for the day. A copy of both was also included in the Kit the participants got during registration.

And just like that, it was 11:00 AM and time for the refreshment break. Participants were led by Shubham Sharma, to the fourth floor where tea, coffee, juice and freshly baked patsies were waiting for the participants. No one was particularly hungry at that moment, but the refreshment break provided a great opportunity for the participants to get to know each other and they wasted no time in doing that. In a minute or two, clusters of group were formed and people started mingling out of their usual group of friends.

After the refreshment break ended, the participants went back to the Conference Hall where they were greeted by Shailendra Vinayak and Vishal Gupta, who were the host of the next few activities.

The first activity was simple and an ingenious way for the participants to get to know each other. The participants were told to talk to as many participants as they could in under five minutes and get their name, city and occupation. And after the five minutes, some of the participants would be called randomly on the stage. It was a great success as the participants took part in this activity enthusiastically with some people competing to talk to the most peo ple. The new comers were favored by the hosts to come on the stage and tell about the people they have met.

The second activity was a bit more dramatic as the participants were told to group themselves by the smiley in their registration kit which were Smiling, Sad, Angry, Confused, Mood off and Funny. For the next few moments after the announcement, the hall was filled with activity and noises as everyone tried to find their teammates.

For the third activity, the participants were told to discuss why the smiley represented them and their group for five minutes, after which two representatives from each group would come up and tell their conclusions to everyone. Quickly, six groups were formed and the hall was filled with the soothing sound of discussions.
After the end of the activity, representatives from each group was called forward and they all wonderfully shared why their group smiley's represented their group and stammering, in general.
After these three activities were done, the stage was handed over to Dixit Arora by Vishal who was given the task to lead the open mic session along with Dipesh Aggarwal. Dixit was a wonderful speaker and host, and in no time he had the entire crowd roaring with energy. Newcomers were called on the stage to share whatever they wanted for the next two-three minutes. Most were nervous in the start but as they continued speaking, their growing confidence was visible to everyone. It was the first time they have gotten this kind of opportunity and they made the most out of it.
Dipesh took over the hosting in the middle and continued till it was time for Lunch which was organised in ISI Residency Canteen.

2nd day  10th October                                                                          

After the awesome 1st day conference, we started 2nd day, So basically at the beginning there is houses of 6 colors in which members was divided in 6 houses each group had around 10-12 members. So the first activity is to do parallel self help group sessions in which one has lead the group and made the activities of  telling the techniques and practice as similar as SHG meeting.
which contains : Introduction, Techniques clearance, Table Topic Round, Voluntary stuttering and many more things.

After this Session there was a time to welcome our guest BK Piyush from Bramhakumaris, he had come with his team of 3 member. He took a session of meditation and he introduced that in our daily-life, what we have to do in-order to make our mind peace and desensitize. He made some games play for all our members. At the end, we have given him flower for their awesome support and help.

Now Again, It’s a time for the Open Mic Session, Everyone enjoyed coming first time on the stage and shared their feelings and stories. After this open mic session, Dhruv Gupta and Shailendra Vinayak came on the stage for once again a fun-full energizer activity and it’s the best way to give energy to all in order not to make anyone be bore or yawn. The activity Call “I am alive alert active and enthusiastic” in which everyone had to do action on each word and it was lovely fun-full and amazing.

After this energizer, we called for the Lunch Time.

After the Lunch, we got the change luckily to have Nitin Tomer, one of the senior member of TISA, he came on the stage to give a presentation on JOB versus Stammering means how one can get a job being a PWS and how he/she can grow in his/her job with stammering. The session was Houseful as none of us wanted to missed this effective session. At the end, People asked question and their queries and Nitin answered beautiful as per his experience and yes as He is in IT industry since 17 year that’s why he shared his own experience which was practically true and beneficial for all.

Now After this session, Vishal called JP Sunda, national coordinator of TISA to come on the stage and to give knowledge to our audience. He started the session from once again very effective way to do voluntary stuttering on name and yes it’s the constant problem which every one have. He explained about TISA core vales and understanding of acceptance. After this He played one game of finding your way while having the strip in the eye( or blindly)  also chairs on the way which shows that sometime we make ourselves limited so don’t create or fixed your mind-set,  always check yourself. It was once again effective session as everyone enjoyed listening JP Sunda and asking a question.

After this session, We have planned the metro Activity, In which once again we divided the morning group in two more sub groups so now we had around 10-12 groups. So as per the Rule, Metro Activity basically included following things :
  1. You have to go with your team outside you can try metro station, near by shop and places.
  2.  You have to talk with strangers and to aware them as well as you can use voluntary stuttering
  3.  Awareness contains few question to know what other people think about stammering and how they can spread things about TISA to their relative friends who stammer.
  4.  And also to change the thought of non stammerers.
So after their visit of metro activity, everyone came in the Conference Hall, and then we asked to the each of group about their experiences.
Most of the things which will come like this way :-
    •      We think people are not good but they actually listen us
    •      Most of people don’t know about stammering for this I have aware people
    •      Sometime people think, we are doing it from fun LOL so they didn’t wanted       to give us time to listen.
    •      I found 1-2 PWS by this activity, they will sure come in SHG meeting.
    •      This activity is fabulous because I can easily see my fear and now I can               reduce it to do it more times.
    •      Superb, People’s thought is very positive.
g   The Whole Metro is recorded by TV Channel Arth TV which will be soon broadcast the generalist Mrigangka came in our Confernce and he took interviews too so that was also one of the wonderful that Media is also taking part of TISA events.

S    you can see why stranger talk is important for us even if people ignore but somehow our goal is to aware people and reduce our fear. After this Round we went to terrace to have our evening snacks which was TEA/Coffe and cookies.

After Tea the day 2nd was finished 

3rd day  11th October                                                                          

So the Conference started with the first session of SHG Leaders to share their experience as well as their tips that how other people who have no SHG in their cities how  he/she can start meeting and also included QA session where new members came across with their questions and ideas.

Dhruv, Mansi, Gaurav, Vipul, Amit, Prachi and few of our Dehradun and Rajasthan coordinators were the key person for this Cool Effective Session .  
At the end, I would say no one can stop our success, we are our own self therapist and that’s what the ingredient which came-up by the discussion.  Amazing Fantastic Superb 

Who knows…… ab kuch gazab ka aane waala hai….so it’s the time for the WWS to present their speeches, presentation, feelings and everything what they want to do.
Finally,  Soma, Prachi, Mansi, Soumya, Astha, Madhuri and Anjali  started with their presentation. One by One they came in front of the audience and shown some beautiful creative slides with their explanation.

You know what was the best things in that :: Practically we all present 100% in that moment its just because of their honest, heartfelt and effective communication. Almost we all had tears to see so much inspiration and their dedication towards what they are doing in their life in order to get the job, to face the situation and to live life fullest and YES, they are the assets and Powerpuff girls.

After this emotional inspiring and motivating session. Its time to leak the surprise gift by the IT Company APPOZON (www.appozon.com) which was TISA Mobile application for android users which will be launched by the first week of December.

After coming this app, no one need to use WhatsApp for SHG meetings discussions and all. We all have our own interface to chat also with many more features.

Now after this Gifts, there was the session for Parents and family members as well as non stammerers.

So as only Astha’s Parents and Vishal’s Parents were present there,  so each of them came on the stage and they shared their feelings to all, for their children’s and yes for all who stammer. It was really positive that how parents are putting their full effort to their children and they also gave thanks to TISA for their platform to learn and improve the stammering.

After this Round, Again we played a amazing energizer game  “ DANCE –STOP, SHAKEHAND-TAP and SIT-STAND” It was pretty cool and everyone enjoyed doing it all together.

Now it’s the time for the closing ceremony of TISA 5th National Conference but once again Shailendra has put one more surprise gift which was a Big Cake for this event as well as the B’day celebration of DELHI SHG member Dhruv Arora.
Again it was fun-full cherishing and memorable.

Before the Lunch, our senior member of DELHI SHG Lalit Chawla Sir and Govind Singh Bisht Sir distributed the gifts to all of our NC member.

It was nice to have gift LOL I just love to have. After this, we went for the LUNCH Break

After the Lunch Again we had a open mic sessions where our member came one by one on the stage with the mic and shared their story and what they want to share. In between of this open mic session,  the funniest and inspiring moment was the story and speech of  Rahul Prasad from Jharkhand. He is really a hero of the NC, it was his 2nd NC and the way he described the words was really effective for all. You can watch his video in below old posts.

BUT BRAVO of the day award went to Lovish Arora, by his awesome overt and open up speech. Frank speaking, I want to speak like Lovish,  you know what is the reason ? Reason is he has no shame, he has no junks or irrational thoughts he only speaks. 

As time was passing swiftly and also it was time to end and finish the Conference so at the end we had JAM session an singing session.

So everyone was dancing nonstop for half an hour and then few of our member sang a song Astha, Anurag, Amit Dixit.

You know the moment was like, you can’t stop yourself to feel positive and happy.
Finally at sharp 4 o clock, we wrap all the things, everyone started to go back to their home.

We can express 3rd day conference in three word : It is exciting, motivating, Amazing but have mixed feelings.


sachin said...

I missed so much fun!
Very well organised and documented..
Congrats everyone...

Ravi Kant Sharma said...

being present at any program related to stammering is itself a great feeling...and with NC this year it was fantastic...new PWS are coming and opening themselves up...
It was great to be a part of NC...
Thank you Delhi SHG and other volunteers for making it a success..

sachin said...

Thanks Vishal! Great documentation.. Everything came alive!

Sanjib Kumar Talukdar said...

Very happy to read this post, well written..am sure all the participants of this NC enjoyed and learned a lot.