September 25, 2015

SHG 20th September Meet in Bangalore

This is my second meeting with the SHG folks in Bangalore.  When you meet the people from SHG you invariably have the thought like “yeh log to mere jaise hai” (They are like me), and you find yourself settling into some kind of ease and the bond with the group is set. Also I like the idea that we meet in the Cubbon Park which makes you feel like you are enjoying your moment in a park and having a fun time.

So, it was another Sunday that we meet, Praveen, Mohit, Dinesh, Siddhartha, Kavish and Sharath.  When I reached Cubbon park I rushed (as I was a bit late) to the regular “Hut” spot where we assemble, only to find that other people have occupied it. I called up Sharath and soon found Kavish and other people and we decided to look for a place. We found a spot nearby and started the day’s session. 

We introduced ourselves. After that we had the extempore round. We spoke on topics like photography, cup, how easy is to learn spoken language, benefits of Aadhaar card, Naxalites etc.
We went for the interactive round where we talk with strangers.  None of us were that satisfied with this round. People somehow in the park were either reluctant to talk about stammering or they did not have any idea about it. Overall, it was less interactive than usual. Dinesh had brought copies of “Apna Hath Jagannath” book to give it to Kavish so that Kavish can carry it to Jaipur. We came with the idea that we all can carry a copy or two of the book so that if we find anyone needing it for someone he or she knows we will give it to them. Somehow this idea proved to be bad as people seeing the books in our hands thought that we intend to sell those and they were somehow reluctant to talk.

The last round was the debate round. We debated on the topic “The performance of Narendra Modi government”.  Mohit and Dinesh debated the topic really well. The conclusion of the debate was that it is too early to judge the performance of Narendra Modi government. Various development schemes are initiated but we cannot truly feel the sense of progress till all the schemes are successfully implemented. But, during this 1.5 year tenure of Narendra Modi’s government various lauding steps have been taken for development and people can see that the government is making the adequate and bold effort.

Gosh!!  We forgot to take a group photo.  Kavish and Sharath did manage to take photo with a dog with which they must have fallen in love with. Just putting it up.

Friends with god ... err ... dog !

Hope to catch up next  Sunday and have another day of wonderful  talk and heated discussion.

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Are you from bangalore ?  feel free to say hello to us. We meet every sunday, 10 am sharp at cubbon park. Call or whatsapp on the below given numbers or drop in anytime in our meeting ! Dont worry, we are extra cordial to new comers.

1) Sharath 
   Ph/Whatsapp  -     7411090880 
   Email              -

2) Nishil 
   Ph/whatsapp  -      9008416379 
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M said...

Nice Report Jonali.. I cant believe i am missing SHG since last 2 weeks and i might not come for another 2-3 weeks :(....

Whenever i will attend SHG, i will be in with a great news that i want to share with everyone..

And the dog, sooo cute, he just never forgets the hut :)

sachin said...

So sweet! I am a dog lover... Had had 4 dogs in last 15 years!!
Good job guys! Keep the flame burning...