August 3, 2015

Sunday Fun-Day at Cubbon Park with Bangalore SHG

Sunday  Fun-Day  at  Cubbon  Park  with  Bangalore  SHG  

It was a cool and pleasant morning in Cubbon Park as always.I was the first one to reach Cubbon Park one hour earlier and people started gathering a while later.
Attendees:Sharath,Sid,Siddarth Sharma,Akash,Naman.Raman,Mansi,Nishil,Reuben,Pramod and  Kavish(Myself)
Initially we were around 4 Members only so we started of with the introductions one by one and decided to play a prank on the next person that he should pay a penalty of 100 bucks for coming late…all in good fun.(it was good to see the reaction of the person when he was compelled to pay up by the entire group….hahaha).Everyone Introduced themselves very effectively.

Then we moved on to the next round to increase our anxiety levels by starting of with the Impromptu speeches.Each person was given a time limit of 3 Minutes to think on their feet and speak their minds.We had some really amazing topics on which the members spoke well.
The Next round was that of Prepared Speeches.We had some wonderful Prepared Speeches by Sid,Sharath,Pramod,Mansi and Myself(Kavish).Each Member was given a time limit of 5-7 Minutes to complete his prepared Speeches.

Next Round we had a Group Discussion and the topic was that of “Friendship” considering that we had a meeting on a day that coincidentally happens to be Friendship Day.We had some good points put forth by the members.

Lastly we decided to have an Outdoor Activity by talking to Strangers around Cubbon Park,so we paired up in a group of two and approached a group of people and created awareness about Stammering.Overall the response was good and in a way it was a good approach to come out of our comfort zone and face our fears.

We concluded the meeting with the delicious sweets brought by Naman and bid adieu till next Sunday.Overall it was a Sunday well spent at Cubbon Park.


Are you from bangalore ?  feel free to say hello to us. We meet every sunday, 10 am sharp at cubbon park. Call us on the below given numbers and dont worry, we are extra cordial to new comers.

1) Sharath 
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2) Nishil 
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