August 4, 2015

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 2 Aug 2015

This Sunday we had our meeting in botanical gardens-Zoo. 

Attendees- Mohit and Krishna

1. We met right on the time at around 2.30 pm. Then we had our long chat on various issues such as Our working,  which sector is better, private or government?

2. We were talking at a much slower pace than we do normally. 

3. We then talked with unknown person and tried to convey message about stammering and Tisa, but the guy was literally not interested. 

4. Then we approached to nearby parks where we both sat and did breathing exercise. 

5. We discussed about

the various agendas which we going to apply from next meeting. 

6. Finally we dispersed by clicking some wonderful pictures. 

Thanks for reading our report! 


Sikandar Alam said...

nice bro...carry on

sachin said...

Wonderful Mohit! Best way of showing your friendship..